“Cash Me Outside Girl” debuts as Bhad Bhabie and drops surprisingly good song

Danielle Bregoli, the notorious “Cash Me Outside Girl” that went viral for months after her interview on Dr. Phil, has rechristened herself as Bhad Bhabie. Social media blew up with memes, videos, and stories about her. DJs even remixed segments of her interview to make tracks.

The sudden success, however, did not last long. She was soon forgotten until now, when she released her much-discussed new track and viral sensation, “These Heaux.” The reaction is mixed, some love it, some hate it. You be the judge though, and the title says it all: she’s now Bhad Bhabie.

Notice how the video is insanely well-produced. The visuals look amazing and you can tell she took the entire project very seriously. Even though it was fun to hear, the actual track felt like there there was no effort put forth at all.

The beat was just generic trap that didn’t stand out much, and the lyrics were straight up painful to listen to. Every single verse was “these hoes be […], these hoes be [this], these hoes be [that].” In fact, they were a reminiscent of something Cardi B would write, so I wouldn’t be surprised if Danielle stated she was inspired by her.

These hoes be fake flossin’
These hoes be fake ballin’
These hoes, these hoes, shame on these hoes

Now the next question is: will she take her rap “career” seriously?

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