Table Talk: What’s the biggest hip hop hotbed right now?

Welcome to the inaugural installment of Table Talk, a new weekly series on the Underground Flux dedicated to debating the hottest topics in hip hop and pop culture.

Each writer will give their stance on a certain question and break down their answer. The question for today is: What is the biggest hip hop hotbed right now?

With the rise of hip hop, the genre is increasingly dominating the musical spectrum all around the world. While hip hop’s inception and subsequent growth took place in the United States, other countries like the United Kingdom, Canada, and France have also seen hip hop intrude their day-to-day routines in recent times. Hip hop is a global phenomenon and its expansion is not set to stop any time soon, but there can only be one area where hip hop is currently at full strength.

For the sake of this discussion, a hotbed will be defined as a place that features that heavily boasts both established artists, as well as up-and-comers still hustling to make a name for themselves. For instance, New York City was a hip hop hotbed in the 90s when the likes of Nas, Biggie, Jay Z, and the Wu-Tang Clan rose to prominence with their hard-hitting rhymes and catchy beats.

Lucca Sturari and Wilko Martínez-Cachero, co-founders of the Underground Flux, dissect and debate their differing points of view in the next couple of pages:

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