Noah Cyrus released a song on Fridya featuring the controversial XXXTentacion.

Will Noah Cyrus’ collaboration with XXXTENTACION kickstart or doom her budding career?

Noah Cyrus, Miley’s younger sister, released her new track “Again” on Friday featuring the controversial XXXTENTACION.

“Again” takes a melancholic tone. In the first verse and chorus of the song, Noah implores for her lover to take her back. She’s not content with just being his friend after apparently having gone through a recent breakup or turbulent time of some sort.

XXXTENTACION hops on in the track’s second verse. His appearance is incredibly brief, but he stays in line with the troubled persona he displayed on 17. The troubled South Florida artist describes how he’s “somewhere in between love and broken,” possibly alluding to his well-documented legal troubles and shaky love life.

Noah’s vocals sound fine throughout the track, reminiscent of many teenage singers who have good voices but are still growing into their musical personas. The same goes for X, who shows off his vocals instead of rapping or talking like he’s done in past tracks. Different to Noah, “Again” shows that X has seemingly settled into his gloomy image after having grappled early in his career with which side of himself he wanted to show.

The song’s beat leaves a bit to be desired, with jarring sounds uneasily transitioning into synth-like pop. The latter style is more suited to Noah’s voice.

It remains to be seen what “Again” will do to Noah Cyrus’ budding music career. Her choice to collaborate with XXXTENTACION will no doubt be a hard pill to swallow for some of her fans, given his pending legal issues and violent past. Meanwhile, the song’s subject matter of love will also fuel this collab’s critics. X’s appearance on “Again” is ill-suited because of the accusations being held against him.

On the other hand, while the untimeliness of XXXTentacion’s feature is sure to displease a lot of fans, it could have a positive effect for Noah. Like it or not, “Again” has people talking and X is the ‘it’ topic in music currently. This track will bring new eyes to Noah Cyrus which, in turn, will lead to more exposure and perhaps bigger projects.

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