“Planet Drool” shows $ki Mask the Slump God’s & XXXTENTACION’s talent

“Planet Drool” exhibits $ki Mask the Slump God’s unique flow and XXXTENTACION‘s slower style.

$ki Mask’s verse is primarily set to an aggressive piano that matches the menacing subject matter. He’s threatening all of his adversaries, basically saying that life is not a game or a movie. This is real life and he won’t hesitate to pull up on you.

Pounding drums and trap snares come in a bit later while $ki Mask shows off his distinct flow and rapping skills. The lyrics are fairly simplistic, but the Floridian rapper delivers them with conviction and pace:

You, you can’t test us
High as giraffe nuts
Smoke like molasses
I reside in the body of a bastard

XXXTENTACION’s appearance to end the song is brief, but he was also partially in charge of the production. Instead of tapping into his screamo side, X shows off his Hydraean-esque versatility and displays a more rugged vocal range.

His lyrics seem nonsenical before “Planet Drool” abruptly comes to an end only after 1:29, an incredibly short time for today’s music.

Roll away the summer time do not wait for me
If I ever break, them fuck them
And fuck the state
Then baby sit down sit down

Maybe X and $ki Mask did not have the inspiration to finish the project or simply moved onto other tracks. Perhaps the reason for this sudden stop was to leave the listener wanting more. Most likely, we’ll never find out, but “Planet Drool” is a good taste offering of what XXXTENTACION and $ki Mask the Slump God can bring to the table.

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