Song of the Day: March 25, 2017

6LACK and Jhené Aiko collaborate on a sultry track appropriately titled “First Fuck.”

In this single released in early 2017, both singers describe their experiences with their lovers. The entire gist of the song revolves around the idea of two partners craving each other even more following their first sexual encounter.

I bet you love me more after the first fuck
I bet I love you better than your first love
I bet I love you so much you forget the shit that had you worked up, yeah

The lyrics are fairly simple. 6LACK and Aiko croon over a slow, seductive beat. The passion is reflected through their lyrics:

I’ma make you mine, mine
Got me pulling on your hair
I’ma make it mine, mine for the night
Got me pulling on your hair

6LACK’s versatility is shown on “First Fuck,” with the Atlanta-based artist having no problem fitting into this single. Jhené Aiko’s signature magnetism also projects, making this an ideal track to add to a sexual playlist.

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