Song of the Day: March 26, 2017

In “Kno The Meaning,” Future takes a break from the electrifying beats of Dirty Sprite 2 to bring a conscious message about the hardships he went through after losing 2-years worth of recorded music.

Aside from the melancholic story of DJ Esco being arrested for cannabis possession, the Atlanta rapper addresses his breakup with singer Ciara, and the hustle he’s carrying on from his family traits.

“My uncle Ronnie used to wash cars
My uncle Wayne was a kingpin, you know what I’m saying
My uncle Don, that nigga used to rob banks and shit, rest in peace
My granddaddy was a boss, he was a king pin you hear me”

“Best thing I ever did was fall out of love”

When rapping about Esco’s time in prison, Future reveals he was extremely sad during the process, but somehow managed to overcome it and make another mixtape (Beast Mode).

“People didn’t even understand that my hard drives that I recorded all my music on for two years straight was on this… was on this one hard drive that Esco had and he was locked up with it so I had to record new music. That’s when I did Beast Mode”

Once Future mentions himself finding the inner strength to keep going, it seems as if the course of the track takes on a new path. The beat, which remained the same throughout, began to sound a different and more empowering. It was as if the subject matter and attitude Future was rapping with affected the vibrations the listener was getting from the song.

As a whole, “Kno The Meaning”  is a very nice and soothing track to listen to. The switch Future made from the uptempo beats to the slower and more melancholic tune also turned out solid. Because the beat wasn’t anything different from the usual, the lyrics became the spotlight of the song, and the intriguing message he delivered makes “Kno The Meaning” highly recommendable.

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