Song of the Day: March 27, 2017

Kev Brown reminisces over a lost lover in “Albany” on his 2005 album, I Do What I Do.

The Maryland-born artist starts the first verse by describing the relationship between him and his lover. The memory of their first date keeps replaying in his head, but despite their connection, they still grew apart. He can’t quite figure out why, but he’s trying not to dwell on it (even though the entire song ironically consists of him contemplating this short-lived relationship).

The last time Brown saw this girl was when he went back to his hometown “around April [or] May.” However, this left him with more questions than answers.

I’m thinking some time around April, May
I went back to my hometown for a minute
Ended up staying down here in-def-inite
Questions and no answers

In the end, the listener is also left with many unanswered questions. Towards the end of the second verse, Brown implies that what they had was a friendship that could’ve eventually led to more (“Sad I had to roll on a friendship brand new” / “It could of been a little romance too”), yet the end of the first verse (“I miss your goodnight kisses, for real”) indicates more intimacy.

Throughout “Albany,” Kev Brown’s flow is decent, if not uninspiring. It’s solid, but not distinct. The beat generally fits the retrospective mood of the track, but the mixing after each verse is lackluster. The transition is far from seamless and is a lot louder than the other instrumentals in the song.

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