XXXTENTACION is back with two new songs

XXXTENTACION made his return to the music world on Sunday morning with two new tracks, “Ok Shorty!” and “In The End.”

“Ok Shorty!” is roughly two minutes long and features the controversial South Florida artist describing his sexual endeavors with a girl. The lyrics are extremely shallow as has been the case for X’s last few releases, but there is a slight change geared at putting out more mainstream-music. The prominent drums and chorus were uncommon in XXXTENTACION’s past releases.

Another change is the cleaner mixing, which is a welcomed change. It goes a long way in separating X from most “SoundCloud rappers” and giving him a more professional image.

“In The End” is only a minute and a half long, but showcases a different side of XXXTENTACION. The track imitates the more melancholy, depressed vibe that X gave off in his XXL Freshman Cypher.

The 19-year old rapper sings about his seemingly pending end and how he won’t shy away from it. Despite being released on SoundCloud through the Brain Bakery Mag page, “In The End” resembles an interlude more than a full song because of its length and style.

XXXTENTACION will release his first album, 17, on August 25. Unless there are any surprises, the album will have 8 tracks with a style of music mimicking the one heard on “In The End.”

“If you listen to me to get hype or to not think, don’t buy this album,” X wrote on his Instagram. “This one is for the depression, for the depressed ones, for the lost ones.”

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