XXXTentacion releases "Look At Me!" music video.

XXXTENTACION’s “Look at Me!” music video is released

The music video for “Look At Me!”, the hit that kickstarted XXXTENTACION’s career, is finally here. After teasing fans with snippets on his Instagram page, the Florida rapper finally came out with the full video.

Watch it below:

The video is wildly explicit. It starts off like it was expected to. X is going crazy inside a classroom while him and other students are turning up to the song. At the 0:52 mark, however, everything takes a turn. The music is suddenly cut and the rapper surprises everyone with clip for his record “Riot,” in which he addresses racial discrimination and police brutality.

This portion of the music video features X rapping while being hung from a tree. While he is furiously spitting verses, clips of protests and police brutality videos appear on the screen to give life to his lyrics. It reinforces the anger in his tone and makes the video extremely impactful.

At the 2:28 mark, the video once again takes a different turn. X is shown at what appears to be a kids’ play in an auditorium. The grim and dark terror behind his lyrics and energies come to full effect as he hangs one of the kids by the rope and kills him.

I honestly don’t know who signed off on this scene, but it had to someone as crazy as him to bring something so explicit and terrifying into the video. After he reads a powerful speech written by himself, he capitalizes on the gruesome imagery with a final message:

“Are you willing to risk your child’s future due to your own bigotry?
The choice is yours but you’re child will not stand for the hate
This generation will be loved, nurtured, heard and understood”

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